Friday, 31 May 2013

Chapter 5 – Applying... Filling in "The Form"

Into the process – in triplicate!

Having endured the various orientation and familiarisation sessions, and despite the best efforts of the social services to put us off, our minds were made up. Adoption it was. We were “In”. Or at least we were willing to let a bunch of strangers decide whether we were “in” or “out” or “loitering around on the front porch” (as some of our friends ended up being).

At the end of the Orientation Day we picked up a copy of the “Initial information form” and settled down in front of the computer to fill it in. Now bearing in mind that I’ve spent a lifetime working in the public sector you’d think that a bit of form filling would be a piece of cake. However, faced with the form my first thoughts were less, “Let’s get stuck into this.” and more”Blimey! Perhaps now’s a good time for some light relief... like filling in my income tax form...”